Fair winds blow on the iconic sailing boats of well-known Italian brand B-yachts thanks to the recent establishment of Milan-based company, Luca Brenta Yachts. Combining high-performance with advanced technology and stunning design, they are an evolutionary classic. Defined by their easy handling, they are conceived solely for pleasure; to enjoy the very essence of sailing.

Providing both speed and elegance in one single yacht, B-yachts sailing boats are as stylish as ever. Positioned on the international yachting stage by way of newly formed company Luca Brenta Yachts, which is headquartered in Milan, the vessels’ renowned sleek aesthetics are underpinned by a raft of new technology.

Built on a foundation of skill, passion and deep-rooted family commitment, the eponymous company comprises entrepreneurs and yachting professionals guided under the stewardship of renowned designer Luca Brenta. Sharing more than a passion for sailing with the company founder, together they bring a variety of experience and expertise from within the yachting industry.

“As a child, I was fascinated by my father’s drawings,” says Giovanni, son of Luca Brenta and architecture graduate who decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. “It is an honour for me to support him in this new challenge.”

Alberto Castiglioni, a former entrepreneur in luxury goods and now CEO of Luca Brenta Yachts has helped to drive the new business forward. A keen sailor all his life, he never misses an opportunity to step aboard his family’s classic sailing boat.

“Continuity is integral to our business plan, and moving forward we will strive to build upon our previous successes,” says Castiglioni. “The B-yachts range currently includes the B 30, B 38 and B 42 – of which several have already been sold – as well as our custom models, B 52 and B 60, which were conceived with more demanding boat fans in mind. This is the first step, and all new design developments will be overseen by Luca Brenta.

“The autumn boat show season is the optimum time to embark on this new wave of business, and to act on the interest we have received from would-be owners,” says Enrico Malingri, Luca Brenta Sales Manager. “In the meantime, we look forward to keeping in contact with our existing B-yachts owners”.

B-yachts sailing boats penned by Studio Associato Luca Brenta & C., were originally launched in 2004. Destined to be owned by those who are passionate about being on the water, they epitomise the very essence of sailing made easy. “B-yachts boats are intimate and comfortable and handle easily because they have the technology of a maxi yacht,” explained Luca Brenta when the boats were first introduced to the market.

All boats, starting from the day-sailer B 30 to the larger B 38 and B 42, have a rapid top speed, and the latter two also come provided with a cabin. Featuring a hull and deck made from composite carbon fibre over Corecell foam, they provide weight stability, more than 60% ballast/displacement ratio, lead bulb, controls at the steering system, an appealing design, and a stunning teak deck.